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“Human sustainability: the degree to which the organization creates value for people as human beings, leaving them with greater health and well-being, stronger skills and greater employability, good jobs, opportunities for advancement, progress toward equity, increased belonging, and heightened connection to purpose.”

– Deloitte

Employees are expecting more from their workplaces today. They want to work for organizations that prioritize well-being, learning, and meaningful work. Cleared to Flourish helps workplaces at all stages of their journey to create thriving and flourishing cultures and employee experiences.


Coaching services offered within organizations and open to the public.

  • Individual Coaching 

  • Group Coaching 

  • Team Coaching

  • Building a Coaching Organization (training and program roll-out to assist organizations to introduce a coaching culture)

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Consulting services are available to organizations and workplaces looking to build more thriving cultures.

  • Well-being and Culture Audits

  • Employee Engagement support

  • D&I Start-up and Strategy building

  • Learning and Development Strategy

  • Building a Culture of Well-being


Tailored training workshops offered within organizations and open to the public.

  • Management and Leadership Training 

  • Professional Development Skills Training

  • Well-being Training

  • Mental Health and Well-being Awareness Training

Sample topics:

  • The Science of Well-being and Human Flourishing 

  • Flourishing Skills Groups

  • Bounce Back Better Resilience Training

  • Building Mental Fitness through Positive Intelligence

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Benefit by bringing our 25 years of leading global learning and employee experience teams into your workplace on a fractional basis, either short-term or long-term. We have experience leading thriving employee experience efforts ranging from D&I, training, well-being, employee engagement, and more. We can help workplaces:

  • Starting out from scratch with L&D efforts

  • Doing employee engagement work but now looking to create structure and enhance the value

  • Implementing a variety of employee experience programming and now looking to take it to the next level

How can we helpyour companyFlourish?

What Does Being Cleared to Flourish Look Like?

Is your organization looking to add meaningful and actionable offerings to its well-being and employee engagement initiatives?

Are you longing for a community of like-minded people who want to live life more fully?

Do you feel stuck in an “OK” state of mind, perhaps thinking, sure things are OK, but I want to be better than OK…?

Do you work for an organization seeking strategic help in starting or building upon Culture and Employee Experience opportunities like D&I, L&D, Well-being, Change Management, Coaching, and more?

Are you living with a chronic illness or autoimmune disease and ready to start believing you can still lead a flourishing life, with your illness?

Is your team seeking a unique opportunity to connect, grow, learn, and take action together?

Are you seeking clarity on next steps in your career and/or life, and would value someone alongside you on that journey?

Are you dreaming of taking few days away to be led by heartfelt practitioners who want to give you the tools, reflection space, mindset, actions, and accountability to leading a more thriving life?

Are you looking for new ways to manage past, current, and future stress and emotional distress in more productive, gentle ways?

Did the pandemic awaken something in you that longs for more meaning and purpose?

Do you want to learn how to create a mental fitness routine, alongside your physical fitness routine?

Are you eager to learn more about the science of well-being, happiness, and human flourishing?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, let’s talk! 

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