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"Hope has proven a powerful predictor of outcome in every study we've done so far"

- Charles R. Snyder

Laurie, Founder of Cleared to Flourish, has learned how to live a full, vibrant and thriving life, with an autoimmune disease. When she was first diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, she vowed to tackle the diagnosis as holistically as possible, healing from all angles. With her background in Positive Psychology, she sought to answer the question: can you lead a flourishing life with a chronic illness? Her answer has become an empathic yes and she is committed to helping other realize the same.

Do you have a chronic illness and long for community of people who understand?

Do you wish you had more skills, tools, and knowledge to thrive with your chronic illness?

Do you want one place to go for resources to help navigate your chronic illness?

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Online membership opening soon for ... "The Flourishing Skills Center for Chronic Illness"

Can you flourish with a chronic illness? Laurie's answer is an enthusiastic YES. If that's your response or you WANT it to be your response, keep reading!

When Laurie received her diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis, she made a personal commitment to confront the autoimmune disease with unwavering determination. She immersed herself in learning, seeking answers on various fronts: education, tools, resources, community, and support. However, she soon realized that there was no single place that provided everything she needed. Undeterred, Laurie pieced together information, resources, and knowledge, drawing from her background and expertise in Positive Psychology.

Having previously completed multiple Positive Psychology certification and training programs, Laurie unexpectedly found herself applying her acquired wisdom to her own healing journey. Through this process, she discovered her life’s purpose: to empower others lead flourishing lives, particularly those navigating chronic illness. Thus, she founded The Flourishing Skills Center for Chronic Illness, where she shares her expertise and lived experience. Laurie’s mission is to help everyone thrive and flourish, even with chronic illness.

Dramatic Sunset

Join others who are like-minded and like-bodied in "The Flourishing Skills Center for Chronic Illness." Online  membership includes programming and community focused on enabling, educating, and empowering those with chronic illness to thrive.

​In the Flourishing Skills Center, you will find ongoing monthly, virtual synchronous and asynchronous opportunities including:

  • Monthly flourishing skills topics

  • Group Coaching

  • 1-1 Coaching

  • Community and relationship building

  • Practitioner panels

  • Movement, meditation, and mindfulness sessions

  • Action and accountability

  • And much more

Click here to learn about becoming a Founding Member of the Flourishing Skills Center.

Click here to be added to the waitlist when full membership opens.

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